About Us

I have been making minerals and attractants for whitetails for almost twenty years. This started off as a way to grow giant bucks on the land I hunted with my dad. The dramatic change in the bucks we were hunting was far greater than we ever expected. After a few years, we were seeing GIANT bucks with characteristics in the deer herd we hadn't seen in the previous fifteen years. 


Soon friends and family saw the results we were getting and wanted to try our minerals and attractants on the farms they hunted. They shared the results occurring on their farms in numerous states nationwide. This gave us a far greater amount of research on how our minerals and attractants were improving the quality of the bucks we all were hunting. When these big buck fanatics kept returning year after year for more, I knew we had something special to share with other hunters.


To really get the results we all wanted, we had to create a complete nutrition program, so we added food plot blends and a high protein feed. Our unique food plot blends are formulated to maximize protein content, improve forage tonnage and provide the nutrients needed for your herd to thrive 24/7/365. What really sets our mineral and feed apart is the attractant we add to both. Our oil-based attractant has a powerful sweet smell that really draws deer in and keeps them coming back.      


Our goal here at RAKK FUEL is to offer hunters the ultimate three-part nutrition program to improve total herd health and maximize the bucks potential on the farms you hunt. We work with agronomists, wildlife nutritionists, land consultants, property managers, and big buck hunters to develop the best food plots, feed, minerals, and attractants available for whitetails. After years of research and success, let us help you fuel your herd and maximize the potential of the bucks you hunt.


Helping other hunters become more successful is why we started RAKK FUEL. Whether you're using one or each part of our nutrition program, they are designed to keep more deer on your farms and to draw deer from your neighbors to give you the best chance for success. Thank you for allowing us to FUEL YOUR HERD!