The Rakk Fuel 3 Part Deer Nutrition Program

Our mission at RAKK FUEL is to offer hunters the ultimate three-part nutrition program to improve total herd health and maximize growth potential on the farms you hunt. We work with agronomists, wildlife nutritionists, land consultants, property managers, and big buck hunters to develop the best food plots, feed, minerals, and attractants available for whitetails. After years of research and success, let us help you FUEL YOUR HERD and maximize the potential of the bucks you hunt.

Premium Food Plot Seed

man spreading food plot seeds

Food plots are the first and most important component of our nutrition program. The amount of food and nutrition provided by food plots is critical to keeping your herd as healthy as possible. Our unique food plot blends are formulated to maximize protein content, improve forage tonnage and provide the nutrients needed for your herd to thrive year-round. Like all of our products, we believe strongly in providing premium ingredients and giving you a great product at great value. The seeding rates we recommend are to give you the best opportunity for success at having a lush, full plot with as much forage as possible. Whether you're looking for food plots for early season, late season, or a combination of plots to last year-round, RAKK FUEL has you covered.

Premium Deer Feed

hunter spreading Rakk Fuel deer feed

The second part of our nutrition program is our premium deer feed, we offer 4 varieties to best suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a flavored deer corn or a high protein, high fat blend we have you covered. All of our feed features our unique oil-based attractant, the sweet but powerful smell really draws deer in. We use premium ingredients to provide a clean, highly digestible deer feed formulated to improve the health of your deer herd. Each variety also contains a probiotic-prebiotic to help improve immune systems and maximize antler growth potential. For those who cannot plant food plots, our deer feed offers hunters a way to provide protein and nutrients needed for deer to thrive all year. It also works great for an added boost during the winter, drought conditions and is an excellent way to inventory the deer you're hunting.

Premium Deer Minerals

Hunter pouring Rakk Fuel deer minerals in food plot

RAKK FUEL deer mineral is the third part of our optimal nutrition program. We've been making mineral and attractants for whitetails for almost 20 years. The low salt content, added probiotic-prebiotic, a two-to-one ratio of calcium to phosphorous with its specific blend of minerals and vitamins is formulated to improve immune systems, maximize antler growth potential and optimize total herd health. What really sets our mineral and feed apart from others is the attractant we add to both. It is an oil-based attractant that has a powerful sweet smell that draws deer in and keeps them coming back.

Thank you for allowing us to FUEL YOUR HERD!